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Music and Reading - Carlo Enrico Giulini Foundation


UniCredit Foundation supported the Giulini Foundation in its "Music and Reading... we are part of the cure" project to support children and their family facing serious and potentially fatal diseases, involving the loss of mental and physical well-being and personal environment, in order to:

• give support to patients, parents and caregivers during the various stages of treatment;

• build or enhance psychological processes;

• activate pain management processes;

• help parents and operators to meet the child/adolescent's needs, problems and expectations;

• work in team.


From January 2015, the "Music and Reading... we are part of the treatment" project has been active within the Departments of Pediatric Oncohematology, Thalassemia and the Bone Marrow Transplants Centre of the Pediatric Microcitemic Hospital - A.O. Brotzu in Cagliari. From September 2019, thanks to UniCredit Foundation, intervention has been boosted through the increase in the number of hours, that has allowed two expert psychologists to provide music therapy and psycho-reading in more wards, reaching more children.


The goal of the project is to set up an ongoing music therapy and psycho-lecture activity for children with different pathologies and hospitalisation periods. Music therapy and psycho-lecture have been a valid support during the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures: they allow psycho-corporeal relaxation, muscle tension reduction, more controlled breathing, mood improvement and better pain management in young patients.

With UniCredit Foundation's contribution, the initiative has been extended to 30 children.


Fondazione Carlo Enrico Giulini


Founded in 2014, by the industrialist Carlo Enrico Giulini, the Foundation aims, through its own direct and indirect interventions, to support the social, cultural and economic development of its own territory, Sardinia, as well as to strengthen the sense of belonging and of social cohesion of the community, contributing to develop the capacity of coping with existing critical issues.

The Carlo Giulini Foundation is committed to supporting and promoting social projects related to four main themes: personal care and health, social integration, sport, education and community development.