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A Bright Constellation - AIRC Foundation


In 2019, UniCredit Foundation supported the new edition of the educational campaign "A bright constellation", launched by the AIRC Foundation for the 2019-20 academic year, in collaboration with Giunti Educational Projects,

GiuntiScuola and with the sponsorship of the MIUR.


The campaign aims at introducing an educational path to correct lifestyles, from nutrition to movement, in primary schools with the aim of helping children become adults that are aware and capable of making healthy and preventive choices.


For this edition, 2,000 educational kits dedicated to classes III, IV and V of primary schools were created, which reached 50,000 children and as many Italian families. The kits allowed the classes to work on eight important words: research, cell, care, environment, nutrition, movement, gift and future.


The classes (400 in total) participated in a competition, "The generous box", with the aim of building a special container to put their thoughts on the theme of the gift in, to sensitise children to solidarity.


The AIRC Foundation


The AIRC Foundation - The Italian Association for Cancer Research was established in 1965 thanks to the initiative of some researchers from the Milan Cancer Institute to support cancer research. The Foundation supports innovative scientific projects, spreads scientific information and promotes the culture of prevention. It has 4.5 million supporters, 20,000 volunteers and 17 regional committees that guarantee about 5,000 researchers the resources to bring the results from the laboratory to the patient as quickly as possible. One of the Foundation's objectives is to grow a new generation of scientists who are dedicated to cancer research in Italy, supporting training experiences at large research institutes, first in Italy and then abroad, to confront with the best cancer research in the world.