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"The pedagogy of doing at the time of Covid" - Opera Don Guanella - € 25,000

“The pedagogy of doing at the time of Covid” - Opera Don Guanella - € 25,000

The UniCredit Foundation supports the education for vulnerable children project




Run by the Opera Don Guanella, aiming to provide school and study support by intervening in the physical-mental well-being, learning and development of children and adolescents, especially those in a vulnerable situation and hosted by our services.
With an awareness that the Covid pandemic has brought about great change, not only in the services provided, but also in the way children relate to what is offered to them and in the way they present themselves to the outside world, to peers and adults, the project aims to strengthen educational action in support of families and children.
From the outset, the aim has been to try to bridge both the educational and relational gaps created by the health emergency, which for many children may still compromise their dreams and expectations for the future. The reference methodology was the so-called pedagogy of doing, first-hand experience that allows children to feel supported and guided.

The project supported children diagnosed (or likely to be diagnosed) with SLDs (Specific Learning Disorders) and particularly vulnerable children at risk of social
exclusion, in the operational centers of Milan, Lecco, Genoa and Gozzano (province of Novara).The initiative involved a total of 100 children and 40 families.





In keeping with its motto "Always close to the most vulnerable", Opera Don Guanella is a civically established recognized ecclesiastical body, which has been working in Italy and across the world for over a hundred years, to help the disabled, the elderly, and seriously marginalized children and adults. Based on the example of the Founder, the Congregation places the task of providing its members with a solid education among its primary commitments, in the conviction that a large part of its work depends on the personal growth of its members and the unity of the Institute.