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"Partecip-Arte 2" - Mus-e Italia - € 50,000

“Partecip-Arte 2” - Mus-e Italia - € 50,000

For the second year in a row, the UniCredit Foundation has chosen to support the Partecip-Arte project aimed at 600 primary school children and their teachers



The UniCredit Foundation has chosen to renew its support for the Partecip-Arte project for 600 children and their teachers. Priority is given to institutions in difficult situations, to areas most affected by educational poverty and those with limited cultural offerings for children, and - for this particular year - to places most affected by the
Covid 19 pandemic.
Specifically, the project included the Navile district in Bologna, the historic center in Genoa, the Calvairate district in Milan, the Case Rosse district in Rome, the Barriera di Milano and Falchera districts in Turin, the Borgo Roma district in Verona, the city of Copertino (Lecce), the Badia district in Brescia and the Santa Croce district in Reggio Emilia.
The project follows on from the positive experience of Partecip-Arte (supported by the UniCredit Foundation in 2019/20), keeping the primary Mus-e Italia objective unchanged, to combat educational poverty, but with a specific focus on reshaping children's experience during the lockdown period and relieving uncertainty linked to the
Covid emergency. Artistic language becomes a way to rethink the experience, transforming it and providing a way to deal with the most difficult moments, helping to build greater resilience.

Thanks to the workshops, which are held in presence and/or remotely, children are given the opportunity to strengthen certain cross-cutting skills such as self-esteem, the ability to collaborate and concentration, particularly important for looking to the future with optimism and confidence.



The Partner - MUs-e Italia

Mus-e Italia is a federal organisation, with 13 offices throughout Italy. Mus-e believes in Art as the highest form of inclusion and integration, a common language that can help children to discover themselves and others without prejudice, encouraging creativity and participation. To achieve this goal, they offer three-year Art courses in public primary schools, experimenting with different artistic disciplines together with classmates and teachers.