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"La Nave della Legalità" - Falcone Foundation - € 20,000

'La Nave della Legalità' - Falcone Foundation - € 20,000

The UniCredit Foundation has renewed its support for the Falcone Foundation for the "La Nave della Legalità" initiative, which took place online in 2020 through the "Everyday courage" program




The date of May 23 marks the anniversary of the Capaci massacre, now a time of remembrance and commitment sharing for everyone, and for the Falcone Foundation in particular it is a time to take stock of what has been achieved, as it coincides with the final phase of the various activities organised  with students. Together with their teachers, they are given, through teaching materials and sessions, the necessary tools to successfully navigate the complex path of growing up mindfully and become
tomorrow's citizens.

The theme of the 2020 edition of "Palermo calls Italy" was very unique, it celebrated the commitment of all Italian citizens who, through responsibility and sacrifice, have worked for the good of the community, especially during the health emergency that struck at the beginning of last year. The program for the day, entitled "Everyday
courage", was outlined at a press conference attended by the initiative's promoters: Marcello Foa, Rai Chairman; Maria Falcone, Chairwoman of the Falcone Foundation and sister of Giovanni; Tina Montinaro, Chairwoman of the Quarto Savona Quindici Association; Franco Gabrielli, Chief of Police; Federico Cafiero de Raho, national Anti-Mafia Prosecutor; Marcello Ciannamea, Rai Distribution Director; Roberto Sergio, Director of Radio Rai; Lucia Azzolina, Minister of Education. Professor Falcone commented on the reasons for this choice: "During this dramatic emergency, we have chosen to celebrate the courage of Italians who have put themselves at the service of the country in one of the most dramatic moments of its recent history."


The event, held virtually, was dedicated to the heroes in this war against the invisible enemy, doctors, nurses, police officers, teachers, military personnel, civil defence volunteers, pharmacists, shopkeepers, couriers, and last but not least, supermarket employees.

To alleviate the difficulties caused by the pandemic, a flash-mob "Palermo Chiama Italia al Balcone" ("Palermo calls Italy to come out on their balconies") was organized. With the support of dozens of artists and stars, balconies were filled with white sheets and people, to remember and honor the victims of Mafia massacres.




The Partner - The Giovanni Falcone Foundation


The Giovanni Falcone Foundation was set up in Palermo on 10 December 1992 with the main aim of promoting, through study and research activities, the culture of legality in society and in particular among young people.

Particularly attentive to the pedagogical-educational problems of school-age children, the Foundation is committed to providing ongoing education in anti-mafia values, also by keeping alive in the younger generations the memory of the many Italians who sacrificed their lives to uphold legality.

Over the years, the Foundation has promoted the improvement of the professionalism of the investigative and judicial apparatus involved in preventing and combating organised crime and has encouraged cooperation between the European and international judicial systems for a more effective coordination of State action against organised crime.


Since 1996, the Foundation has been recognised by the United Nations as a consultative non-governmental organisation within ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council). It performs consultative functions in the fields of international economics, social, cultural, educational, health, scientific, technological and human rights issues.