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"Il Gusto della Vita" - Fondazione Serena Onlus - Nemo - € 50,000

'Il Gusto della Vita' - Fondazione Serena Onlus - Nemo - € 50,000

The UniCredit Foundation supported the "Il Gusto della vita" ("Taste of life") project, launched to aid families with children suffering from neuromuscular diseases in all aspects related to proper nutrition



The UniCredit Foundation strongly supported the project in launching 2 outpatient clinics at the NEuroMuscular Omnicentre (NEMO) in Brescia ad Naples, and in setting up 2 additional outpatient clinics in Trento and Ancona, to aid families with small children to rediscover the joy of food by teaching them about proper nutrition.
The UniCredit Foundation believed in this project's value because one of the fundamental aspects of the clinical picture and treatment of children with neuromuscular diseases - such as muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy, myopathies, and neuropathies - is the role of nutrition.


These diseases can cause problems related to difficulty in swallowing, holding food in the mouth, breaking it down in the digestive system, producing secretions,
and weight control, resulting in excessive weight loss or gain. This means that the progressive increase of children's physical limits, together with their natural need to change and grow up, must be monitored. Even at a young age, they might suffer from nutrition-related difficulties, and their parents would not be aware of how well-planned
nutrition might affect their growth, prevent critical issues, and impact the child's quality of life
. Treatment must therefore be started early, and for this reason, 23 clinical specialties are included in the multidisciplinary team at NEMO Omnicentres, with pediatric neuropsychiatrists, psychologists, nurse coaches, speech therapists, dieticians and ENT specialists always at the ready. The UniCredit Foundation made it possible to expand the team into new areas and equip the Omnicentre with suitable
spaces and tools.



The Partner
Fondazione Serena Onlus - NEuroMuscular Omnicentre (NEMO)


NEMO is a highly specialized clinical center and point of reference for the treatment of patients with neuromuscular diseases and their families. Conceived by and at the behest of national patient associations, NEMO was founded in 2008 in partnership with the scientific community and public authorities. Today, NEMO is a network with six locations across Italy (Milan, Arenzano, Messina, Rome, Naples and Brescia), with two more opening soon in Trento and Ancona. In every NEMO location, there are inpatient departments, with rooms for adults and pediatric wards, as well as rooms for patients requiring more complex care, outpatient and day hospital services, physical therapy departments, and areas set up for clinical research on new treatments.