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"A Bright Constellation" - AIRC Foundation - €25,000

'A Bright Constellation' - AIRC Foundation - €25,000

The UniCredit Foundation supports AIRC's campaign to introduce educational programs in primary schools on healthy living, from nutrition to exercise


In 2020, the UniCredit Foundation supported the new online version of the "Una Costellazione Luminosa" ("A Bright Constellation") campaign launched by
the AIRC Foundation for the 2020-21 school year, in collaboration with Librì Progetti Educativi and sponsored by the Italian Ministry for Education. 


Dedicated to children in grades 3, 4 and 5, the campaign aims to introduce an educational program on healthy lifestyles, from nutrition to exercise, to help children become adults who are conscious and knowledgeable on making healthy and preventative choices.

In 2020, the new site complemented the campaign by providing plenty of information, activities, and fun facts to aid teachers in the classroom, even if teaching remotely, and families, with activities to do at home to learn more about the AIRC's 8 stars: research, cells, care, environment, nutrition, exercise, giving and future. The new online version has allowed 50,000 children and as many Italian families to access campaign content in a digital format, offering ideas for educational activities. The initiative was supported by a significant promotion campaign that saw 22,000 emails sent to primary school contacts across the country and nearly 20,000 emails sent to primary school teachers associated with Librì. Equally significant was the distribution campaign of 1,500 available kits, which were sent to 676 participating teachers who requested the kits for their classes, with around 37,500 students and their families involved in the project and 80 teachers participating through the dedicated Google Classroom.
The website also achieved satisfying results, with almost 1,500 page views and more than 400 new users



The Partner - The AIRC Foundation

The AIRC Foundation - The Italian Association for Cancer Research was established in 1965 thanks to the initiative of some researchers from the Milan Cancer Institute to support cancer research.
The Foundation supports innovative scientific projects, spreads scientific information and promotes the culture of prevention. It has 4.5 million supporters, 20,000 volunteers and 17 regional committees that guarantee about 5,000 researchers the resources to bring the results from the laboratory to the patient as quickly as possible.
One of the Foundation's objectives is to grow a new generation of scientists who are dedicated to cancer research in Italy, supporting training experiences
at large research institutes, first in Italy and then abroad, to confront with the best cancer research in the world.