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"2020 extraordinary sessions" - Dynamo Camp - € 30,000

'2020 extraordinary sessions' - Dynamo Camp - € 30,000

The UniCredit Foundation is once again supporting the Dynamo Camp association so that it can continue to provide its recreational therapy camps despite the Covid 19 pandemic




The social and health crisis caused by Covid 19 led to the sessions being suspended in early winter 2020. Programs and activities were subsequently redesigned. Also thanks to the support of the UniCredit Foundation, Dynamo Camp has been able to plan the relaunch of its summer activities and sessions, ensuring that they are completely safe.

Since June, Dynamo has reopened the camp to people currently living in extreme difficulty (e.g. siblings, children with social disorders and adults with disabilities) for a number of special sessions offered to new participants and carried out under special conditions. The Covid 19 crisis and the consequent restrictions have also had a negative impact on the residents of residential health facilities and group homes. These represent socially disadvantaged categories, which were led to further
isolation due to the implementation of bans on outside contact with relatives and friends and on outdoor activities. During this health emergency, the psychological burden of such an unprecedented situation has thus increased the weight of situations that were already extreme.

In agreement with the host facilities (assisted living facilities, group homes, etc.), Dynamo Camp organized free vacations where it hosted the residents of these facilities along with their care givers. Five extraordinary sessions were held from June 7-August 9, during which 212 guests and 72 care givers from the areas hit hardest by the Covid 19 pandemic in Lombardy, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna and Lazio were welcomed to Dynamo Camp.




The Partner
Dynamo Camp

Dynamo Camp, a non-profit association, offers free recreational therapy programs to children and teens aged 6 to 17 years suffering from serious or chronic illnesses, along with their families and siblings. The activities are held at the Dynamo Camp in Limestre, Tuscany. Thanks to Dynamo Programs, they are also held in hospitals, patient
association centers and group homes in major Italian cities. All activities are organized according to the Dynamo Recreational Therapy model, whose main goal is to provide enjoyment, entertainment, and carefree fun.
Through social inclusion, group activities and ongoing volunteer support in a joyful and stimulating atmosphere, participants rediscover their skills and a renewed trust in themselves.
Dynamo Camp's mission is to offer these children the opportunity to be just children again, and to their families the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful trip and build relationships with families that can relate to the same experience. With the knowledge that the diagnosis of an illness affects not only the patient, but their entire family as well, special
programs were designed for families with children diagnosed with illnesses and for their siblings in good health.