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Gift Matching Program (GMP) - € 1,128,600 - 226 projects - 14 Countries

Gift Matching Program 2020 - € 1,128,600

The Gift Matching Program (GMP) turned 18 in 2020. Once again, it proved to be a real driving force for solidarity, capable of involving employees in projects that are close to their hearts



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The mechanism is simple: the UniCredit Foundation doubles employee donations for their chosen non-profit organisation.

The donation groups are coordinated by employees, who become promoters, the real Ambassadors of  the projects.

The Program Rules require a minimum number of participants and a minimum amount of donations per group, depending on the country. The initiative is tailored to local conditions and concerns, to better meet the goal of stimulating employee participation.

The results achieved in 2020 speak for themselves about the success of the initiative: 14 UniCredit countries involved, 226 projects supported, almost 7,000 donations and approximately € 1,128,600 euros donated by employees and the UniCredit Foundation overall.

In the 18 years that the program has been running, over 5,800 projects have been supported, 152,000 donations have been made, almost € 26 million has been donated by employees, and € 23.7 million has been added by the UniCredit Foundation A total of over € 49.7 million has been donated to social initiatives.

In line with the UniCredit Foundation's current intervention areas, the 2020 Gift Matching Program supported projects for children and adolescents. Given the emergency which overshadowed 2020, projects that aimed to counteract the effects of the pandemic could be considered, regardless of the age of the beneficiaries. Most colleagues wanted to support initiatives that benefited children in hospital or with disabilities, and once again the colleagues were generous towards projects carried
out in developing countries

To encourage support from past colleagues, the UniCredit Foundation continued to allow the participation of retired colleagues.

As in 2019, this year's initiative aimed to reward the voluntary work that drives many of our colleagues and the participation of younger ones. Additional contributions were made to beneficiary organizations when donors were under the age of 35 or volunteered for the organizations they donated to. More than 760
donations were made by colleagues under 35; the youngest participant was from Romania; Italy has the largest number of volunteers.

Finally, the program has significant support from the UniCredit Employees Associations in Italy. These are organisations formed exclusively by UniCredit employees and retired employees, and are coordinated by a colleague. Their objective is to organise fundraising campaigns to finance organisations focused on the needs of their
local areas. In 2020, the non-profit Employees Associations stood out for their support for communities that were severely affected by the health emergency and resulting poverty.




Below you can see the initiatives Country by Country