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Gift Matching Program 2021

Gift Matching Program 2021

In 2021, the Gift Matching Program (GMP) turned 19: a great opportunity to involve employees in the solidarity projects that are most important to them



€ 1,196,078                                            221                                     14

donated amount                                        supported  projects                    participating countries



The Gift Matching Program is a historic initiative for the Foundation, promoted since the very beginning of its activity.
The mechanism is simple: the Foundation doubles the donations made by groups of employees to Third Sector Entities chosen by the same colleagues, in all the countries where UniCredit operates.

The donation groups are coordinated and promoted by the employees, who become their Ambassadors. The Program Regulations require a minimum number of participants and a minimum amount of donation per group of colleagues, depending on the country. The initiative is in fact calibrated on the local characteristics and sensitivities, precisely to further stimulate employee participation. The year 2021 also saw a significant participation: 14 countries within the Group's perimeter involved, 221 projects supported, 6,622 donations and € 1,196,078 donated overall by colleagues and the Foundation.
In line with the current scope of the UniCredit Foundation, the Gift Matching Program 2021 has supported projects in favour of children and adolescents. However, given the emergency situation that also characterized 2021, it was also possible to submit projects aimed at countering the effects of the pandemic, regardless of the beneficiaries' ages. Most of the colleagues wanted to support initiatives in favour of children in hospital or with disabilities; and once again their hearts were warmed by projects carried out in developing countries

To enhance the deep commitment made by colleagues over the years, the Foundation continued to consider retired colleagues as an active part, whose donations contributed to the doubling of the UniCredit Foundation.

As in 2020, this year too the initiative aimed to reward the voluntary work component that drives many of our colleagues, and the participation of younger colleagues;
In this way, the beneficiary organizations were allocated additional sums in the case of donors under the age of 35 or who volunteered for the organizations for which they
donated. There were no less than 1386 donations made by colleagues under the age of 35 (almost double those made last year); the youngest participation was registered in Romania; Italy, on the other hand, is the country that saw the most participated component of voluntary service.
Finally, the (Italian) membership through the so-called Employees Non-Profit Organisations, associations formed exclusively by retired UniCredit employees and former
employees, and coordinated by an employee in service, is significant. Their goal is to organize fundraising campaigns to finance organizations focused above all on the needs of the reference territories. This year the Employee No-Profit Organisations stood out for their real proximity to the communities strongly affected by the health emergency and the consequent situations of poverty.