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Shareholder structure

UniCredit is a public company with a free float equal to 100% of the shares outstanding and there are no controlling shareholders or shareholders' agreements. The major shareholders (above 3%) collectively represent only 16% of the share capital.


Major shareholders Ordinary shares % owned(1) 
1. BlackRock Group 113,550,196 5.061
2. Capital Research and Management Company 112,363,870     5.008 (2)
    - of which on behalf of EuroPacific Growth Fund 78,373,584 3.493
3. Allianz SE Group 69,623,563 3.103
4. Norges Bank 67,366,057 3.003
5. ATIC Second International Investment Company LLC 45,100,000 2.010
6. Delfin S.a.r.l. 43,056,324 1.919
7. Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ve-Vi-Bl e An 40,097,626 1.787
8. Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino 36,757,449 1.638

1) figures updated based on the last communication received on 29.3.2021 according to current legislation and on share capital updated as of 30.3.2021

2) discretional asset management

With the resolution no. 21672 of 13 January 2021, Consob extended until 13 April 2021 the provisions of the previous resolution no. 21326 of 9 April 2020 by which the Authority provided, pursuant to article 120, paragraph 2-bis of the Consolidated Finance Act ("TUF"), the additional threshold of 1% above which arises the obligation to notify the investee company and Consob, according to article 120, paragraph 2 of the TUF. The table does not include any other shareholders who have exceeded such significant threshold, but who have not yet disclosed or are not obliged to disclose this circumstance pursuant to current legislation.

Share capital Shares Euro
Ordinary shares 2,243,550,408 21,133,469,082.48
Summary table situation yes no
Presence of shareholders’ agreement in the company   X
Presence of controlling shareholders in the company   X
Exercise of an activity of management and coordination by the company X  

Total Shareholder composition1


Institutional2 Shareholders by Geography








1) Company Register, Consob "Model 120A", publicly available information, IHS Markit Shareholders analysis as of February 2021

2) Including brokers and 80% of unidentified holdings

3) Including treasury shares, CASHES and 20% of unidentified holdings


The above UniCredit shareholders' composition stems from analyses relying on heterogeneous sources, such as the shareholders' register, participation to General Meetings, communications to Consob, public filings available on the market.

The heterogeneity of sources, the different dates of updating of the sources and the dealings in UniCredit shares, are such that the representation provided is the best estimate of the UniCredit shareholders base, but the above sources are not such as to ensure that the composition represented corresponds to the actual shareholders base at any given time.

Updated on 05 January 2021.