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Funding & Ratings

Welcome to UniCredit Funding and Ratings Section

Fixed Income is a key stakeholder of UniCredit Group and the Group has structured and executed virtually all types of debt instruments - public offerings and private placements, fixed and variable rate, new money and refundings, non-rated and insured or credit enhanced, and virtually any other structure.



Funding programs & prospectuses


The funding programs of the UniCredit Group offer:

  • Access to wide variety of sources (access to diversified geographic locations, ability to diversify with attracttive spreads in all leading currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, JPY), various maturities and types if issuances (secured and unsecured)
  • Stable and high quality pool (high quality collateral for Covered Bond issues, AAA guaranteed assets)
  • In-depth Fixed Income research and persistence on product innovation
  • Creating value organically in the new regulatory environment


The documents present here are base prospectuses, registration documents and final terms with regards to covered bonds, bank capital, retail bonds and covered warrants.

Notes repurchase operations

A "rating" assigned by a rating agency (such as "Moody's", "Standard & Poor's" and "Fitch") represents an opinion on the credit standing and the likelihood of default of a rated entity (e.g. of a company, a bank, etc.) or a security (e.g. a bond).


Each rating agency uses its own methodology regarding the meaning of the ratings allocated. Please find here an overview of the ratings used by rating agencies.

Description Standard & Poor's Moody's Fitch ratings
Short Term Counterparty Credit Rating A-2 P-2 F3
Long Term Counterparty Credit Rating BBB Baa1 BBB-
Outlook negative stable stable
Standalone Rating bbb baa3 bbb-
Issues Rating on issues Rating on issues Rating on issues
EMTN (Senior Unsecured) BBB Baa1 BBB-
Obbligazioni Bancarie Garantite - Programma UniCredit Bpc Mortgage srl AA- Aa3 AA-
Obbligazioni Bancarie Garantite - Programma UniCredit OBG srl - Aa3 -
Additional Tier I - - B+


The rating agency reports we have compiled constitute publicly accessible information. We have merely chosen to publish them on our website as an additional service for our shareholders and investors. These reports do not necessarily represent the opinion of UCG, nor should they be seen as a recommendation to buy Unicredit Bank shares. UniCredit Bank accepts no liability for the completeness, timeliness, accuracy or selection of such information.

Updated on 03 November 2020.