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UniCredit Unlocked


UniCredit Unlocked is our new strategic plan. It is a plan to unlock the potential within UniCredit to move out of a period of retrenchment and restructuring into an era of purpose, growth and value creation. This is how we will create the bank for Europe's future - a bank that delivers for all stakeholders and is capable of unlocking the potential of people, businesses and communities across Europe and empowering them to progress.


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4Q21 & FY21 Group Results Presentation
28 January 2022 - 10.00 CET


Materials will be available prior to the Conference call


"We need to streamline our business so that we can operate faster, with greater clarity, and deliver successfully for all stakeholders. This is an ambition that many aspire to but few really achieve. I believe we will be one of the few exceptions” Andrea Orcel UniCredit Group Chief Executive Officer 




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Integrated Report


UniCredit Integrated Reports describe how the bank creates sustainable value that has a positive impact on society.


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UniCredit Group Disclosure (Pillar III) documents




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