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Related Parties & Associated Persons

Procedures for the management of Transactions with Related Parties and Associated Persons

The Board of Directors of UniCredit held on 6th February 2019 approved, with the prior positive opinions of the Related Parties Committee and of the Board of Statutory Auditors, the issuance of the Global Policy "Transactions with related parties, associated persons and Corporate Officers ex art.136 CBA" that repeals and replaces the "Global Policy for the management of transactions with persons in conflict of interest".

The Global Policy regulates the transactions with related parties pursuant to CONSOB Regulation 17221/2010 and with associated persons pursuant to Bank of Italy Circular 263/2006 (Title V, Chapter 5).

In this context the Corporate Officers pursuant to article 136 of the Legislative Decree 385/1993 are also relevant, whose provisions are only meant for the Italian banks of the UniCredit Group.

The Global Policy systematically defines the rules and principles to comply with for the control of risk arising from situations of possible conflict of interest pursuant to the mentioned regulations, unifying in a single document the provisions related parties and associated persons.




Updated on 20 February 2019.