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Merger of UniCredit Partecipazioni into UniCredit

Merger plan of UniCredit Partecipazioni into UniCredit


UniCredit Board of Directors approved in its meeting of March 16, 2010 the merger of UniCredit Partecipazioni into UniCredit.
UniCredit Partecipazioni is wholly ownwed by UniCredit and was set up on Febrauary 10, 2010, following a non proportional spin off of Investimenti Infrastrutture S.p.A.


Bank of Italy gave its authorization on the merger plan on June 7, 2010.

The merger was approved by the shareholders' meetings of the incorporated companies on July 26th 2010 and by UniCredit Board of directors (pursuant to section 2505 of the Italian Civil Code) on August 3rd 2010. The merger will become effective as of November 1, 2010.

Updated on 09 December 2015.