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Directors and Auditors compensation

Compensation to non-executive directors and statutory auditors 


The remuneration of non-executive directors and members of the Board of Statutory Auditors of UniCredit:

  • is represented only by a fixed component
  • determined on the basis of the importance of the position and the time required for the performance of the tasks assigned.


The compensation paid to non-Executive Directors and Statutory Auditors is not linked to the economic results achieved by the Group and they do not take part in any incentive plans based on stock options or, generally, based on financial instruments.


Chief Executive Officer compensation



The Chief Executive Officer is the only executive director on the Board and an employee of the company.

Fixed compensation


For 2022, the fixed annual compensation of the CEO has been confirmed at € 2.5mn, unchanged from 2021.


Variable compensation


2022 variable compensation will be determined based on the new Group Incentive System, up to the regulatory variable to fix cap (200% i.e. € 5mn), granted upon meeting the 100% of the assigned scorecard.

Compensation paid for the year 2021


The Annex 1 to 2022 Group Remuneration Policy and Report contains the compensation paid to members of the administrative and auditing bodies.



Updated on 09 March 2022.