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According to Clause 20 of the Articles of Association, Section 3 of the Corporate Governance Code for listed companies and Section 148, sub-section 3, of the Legislative Decree No. 58/98 (the "TUF"), the Board of Directors shall assess the independence of its members, after their appointment and, then, yearly, on the basis of the information received from the same or, in any way, at the UniCredit disposal.

  Indep. as per Articles of Association / Code       Indep. as per TUF
Last evaluation date
Cesare Bisoni NO (1)
YES July 9, 2019
Lamberto Andreotti YES YES July 9, 2019
Jean Pierre Mustier NO NO July 9, 2019
Mohamed Hamad Al Mehairi YES YES July 9, 2019
Sergio Balbinot NO YES July 9, 2019
Vincenzo Cariello YES YES July 9, 2019
Elena Carletti YES YES May 8, 2019
Diego De Giorgi
YES YES March 5, 2020
Beatriz Lara Bartolom√© YES  YES  March 5, 2020 
Stefano Micossi
YES YES July 9, 2019
Maria Pierdicchi
YES YES July 9, 2019
Francesca Tondi
YES YES July 9, 2019
Alexander Wolfgring YES YES July 9, 2019
Elena Zambon YES YES July 9, 2019


The UniCredit Board of Directors has not so far designated an independent Director as Lead Independent Director, considering that the conditions set forth by the Italian Corporate Governance Code for his/her appointment do not exist:

(i)   whether the Chairman of the Board of Directors is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company;

(ii)  whether the office of Chairman is held by the person controlling the issuer;

(iii) whether requested by the majority of independent Directors.


(1) Following his appointment as Chairman on September 20, 2019


In general, further information regarding the independence of Directors is available in the Corporate Governance Report concerning each year.