UniCredit 's overall Corporate Governance framework - i.e. the system of rules and procedures that its corporate bodies refer to to direct the principles of their behaviour and fulfil their various responsibilities towards its stakeholders - has been built up in compliance with all applicable laws and in light of the recommendations set forth in the Corporate Governance Code for listed companies.

UniCredit, as issuer of shares listed on the Milan, Frankfurt and Warsaw regulated markets, fulfils the legal and regulatory obligations related to listings on said markets.

UniCredit is qualifiable as bank of major size or operational complexity as regards the Supervisory Regulations on corporate governance issued by the Bank of Italy and, as significant supervised entity, is subject to the direct prudential supervision of the European Central Bank.

Financial events

04 December Shareholders' Meetings

Corporate Governance Report

A Report containing information on the Company's corporate governance system.
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Director's profile

Qualitative and Quantitative Profile of UniCredit S.p.A. Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Key details concerning the members of the Board and their professional background
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Internal Dealings

The procedure governing share transactions of key shareholders