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We provide clients with high-quality service by actively listening and absorbing their feedback and interacting with key stakeholders to build a sound, sustainable bank environment based on transparency and mutual understanding. We also promote stronger economic participation for everyone and foster financial inclusion, helping people and businesses improve their financial skills whilst supporting humanitarian aid, and Youth and Education through dedicated UniCredit Foundation initiatives.



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We support companies' competitiveness by developing products and services to serve our customers with a balanced and collaborative approach. We also offer tailored solutions for entrepreneurs to help them lead their day-to-day business as well as develop new projects or strategies.


In addition, we support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by actively cooperating with national, international and European institutions to ensure SMEs receive the necessary public funds. Our Group has long-established expertise in managing state and EU-supported programmes to benefit our clients across many areas.

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We have a constant commitment to improving the social welfare and wellbeing of our communities. Helping development across the communities in which we operate is a cornerstone of our mission as a sustainable bank, in line with our strong support for the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Our programmes dedicated to a sustainable environment reach the most disadvantaged people in our communities to provide daily services and support to help improve their lives.


In terms of financial inclusion, we offer a broad range of customised solutions to enable individuals and businesses gain ready access to financial products and services. At the same time, we are strongly committed to helping improve their financial skills to allow them to make responsible choices. We have long engaged in a range of financial education programmes for young people, families, the elderly, entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations. Our training programmes offer both, face-to-face and digital sessions.


UniCredit is one of the founding signatories and the first bank in Italy to subscribe to the collective commitment to Financial Sustainability, Health and Inclusion under the Principles for Responsible Banking. This commitment focuses on supporting the unbanked, formerly banked and underbanked individuals, households, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, to achieve greater both financial and social inclusion.


Furthermore, working at both, the global and local level, we respond to emergencies by putting the skillsets and infrastructure of our bank at the service of affected areas. We also support non-profit organisations to mobilise volunteers and resources. In addition, for a better sustainable future, we support Youth and Education, in particular through the work of the UniCredit Foundation to promote study and research.


Furthermore, UniCredit has a long tradition of supporting culture, given the strong bond between cultural and economic investment, sustainability, and social inclusion. Culture contributes to sustainable development in a decisive way by fostering a sense of belonging and promoting shared knowledge and common dialogue.