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Our Net-Zero commitment


We are committed to protecting natural capital by delivering sustainable financing solutions to clients and reducing the environmental impact of our direct operations, also through our Net-Zero commitment and investment, in order to achieve a better environmental sustainability. In October 2021, UniCredit joined the Net-Zero Banking Alliance, the industry-led, UN-convened group of banks, which are committed to aligning their lending and investment portfolios with net-zero emissions by 2050.





Green investments and finance sustainability

We play a strategic role in supporting our clients in their sustainability journeys, in particular through our Group ESG Advisory team. Within our UniCredit Unlocked Strategy we set new targets of €150 billion cumulative ESG volumes over 2022-2024, which include €25 billion of new environmental lending.

We strongly believe in the effectiveness of the sustainable finance market and its ability to channel investments to projects and activities with environmental and social sustainability benefits, and have published our Sustainability Bond Framework as an important tool for the implementation of UniCredit's ESG sustainability Strategy.

Renewable sources and circular economy

To contain our own environmental footprint, we secure most of our electricity from renewable sources, continually working to improve the energy efficiency of our premises and data centres, adopting circular economy solutions in resource sustainable management, promoting sustainable mobility solutions and ensuring our suppliers meet certain sustainability requirements, according to our Environmental Policy.

A sustainable bank

Moreover, UniCredit has been registered to the eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS) regulation since 2002, currently covering all activities in Italy, with nearly 2,400 sites.

Download the document of the Environmental Statement 2024 (only Italian version)

The Group also holds the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification for UniCredit Bank AG, UniCredit Bank Austria and UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our Group-wide climate risk management framework has been put in place to assess and monitor all activities related to climate change and environmental risk, and our approach to sensitive sectors is under constant review. We have adopted detailed policies regarding sectors that present significant environmental and social risks and monitor portfolio exposures to them accordingly. In 2021, Coal and Oil & Gas sector policies were updated. Furthermore, we signed the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge.