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We are committed to optimising and innovating our systems and processes to provide our clients with simple, secure and user-centric solutions that meet the challenges of rapid change. Digitalisation and data are at the heart of our Strategy UniCredit Unlocked with the ultimate ambition to be a truly digital bank, powered by data in all that we do.

two colleagues analyze data on a tablet in front of a wall of graphs

2021 marked a turning point in the evolution of our Digital & Data strategy, where the creation of the Group Digital & Information Division is a fundamental component. The division reports directly to the CEO and the head is a member of the Group Executive Committee (GEC), the highest managerial body of the Group, thus underscoring the critical importance of this area for the future of our sustainable business.


This division provides the technological backbone comprehensive of digital security, steers and oversees the digital transformation strategy, and ensures secure and effective IT systems for clients, partners and colleagues. It also assures the organisation has the capability to access the data required to support business decisions, add value to products, automate processes and ensure timely and relevant reporting. Digital foresight capabilities are integrated through a dedicated function within the division.

Green matrix digital background

Our cyber security strategy is based on a continuous improvement model, and a dedicated process and policy framework to effectively respond to a dynamic threat landscape and evolving regulatory requirements. Furthermore, it is periodically monitored both internally and through third party assessments. Raising employee awareness is also key in promoting appropriate and secure behaviours and reducing vulnerability throughout our organisation.