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Empowering a Just and Fair Transition




As a bank, we are committed to delivering a just and fair transition for all - holding ourselves to the highest possible standards in order to do the right thing both for our clients and society.


This means leading by example, taking responsibility for the wellbeing of our communities and of the world we share, with ESG principles guiding all of our decisions and actions.


Our inaugural ESG Day on November 9 2023 was a one-day event of meetings and discussions, involving both internal and external stakeholders, covering the full spectrum of ESG topics.


It was a moment to share best practices and speed the necessary transition to a greener economy and more equal society.



Watch the recording of the event below and browse through the panel sessions.


ESG is embedded in everything we do and it is one of the five strategic imperatives of our UniCredit Unlocked strategy. It is a collective mindset that we all take responsibility for.


Through impactful and engaging conversations, we hoped to raise awareness of these themes both inside and outside the bank - creating a space for exchanging ideas and finding innovative solutions to the pressing challenges facing our world today.


A selection of our recent sustainability publications can be found here.


You can go through the main points of the panels in our One UniCredit article and read our press release to learn more about the event.



We're already looking forward to next year's edition!



10:00 Welcome and opening speech - watch the video
Mr. Andrea Orcel - UniCredit Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Fiona Melrose - Head of Group Strategy & ESG
Ms. Joanna Carss - Head of Group Stakeholder Engagement
10:20 Keynote speech - watch the video

Telmo Pievani - Full Professor at the Department of Biology, University of Padua
10.30 Panel 1 - The road ahead: Safeguarding the climate in troubling times - watch the video
Climate change represents one of humanity’s most urgent and pressing challenges. Its consequences are already being felt around the globe as it directly impacts communities, including the most vulnerable amongst us, therefore requiring rapid intervention to limit the effects of its violence. This panel discussion will bring together experts from different disciplines to discuss the need to accelerate the transition to a green and resilient, but also equitable and just, economy, in order to transform the current features of our society which are no longer sustainable.

Speakers: Angela Morelli, Silvia Pavoni, Xavier Lerin, Massimo Catizone, Paloma Lopez Imizcoz, Francesca Perrone
Moderator: Giuseppe Zammarchi
11.15 Keynote speech - watch the video

Matteo Ward - CEO and Co-founder of WRÅD
11.30 Break
Panel 2 - The social debate: Putting the "S" centre stage - watch the video
The green transition is fundamental in preserving the planet for future generations. However, our commitment to a sustainable future cannot and must not neglect the fundamental principles of equity and social justice. The real challenge lies in balancing environmental goals with social repercussions, ensuring that no one is left behind as we seek to create a cleaner, more sustainable world. In our second panel discussion, we will have the opportunity to listen to different perspectives and share innovative ideas on how to address a just and equitable transition without leaving the social aspect behind.

Speakers: Giovanna Melandri, Enrico Giovannini, Matteo Ward, Ilaria di Mattia, Silvia Cappellini, Stefano Zamagni
Moderator: Rossella Iorio
12.30 Creative Interlude - watch the video

with AllegroModerato
12.45 Panel 3 - Bolstering biodiversity and shifting to the circular economy - watch the video
The preservation of natural capital, alongside climate concerns, also focuses on biodiversity and circular economy, with the trio increasingly converging in sustainability strategies. This approach aims to ensure that future generations can continue to benefit from nature’s ecosystem in a way that doesn’t deplete our natural resources. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly clear that the solution to the challenges of biodiversity preservation could be found in the circular economy. In this final panel discussion, we will look at how these synergies and shared challenges are key to developing integrated, lasting solutions.

Speakers: Telmo Pievani, Andreas Wagner, Juergen Kern, Tim Flannery
Moderator: Rossella Iorio

13.30 Closing and greetings - watch the video
Ms. Fiona Melrose - Head of Group Strategy & ESG

Panels and Biographies of Participants