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ESG and Sustainability for a Sustainable Finance


In line with our ambition to be the bank for Europe's future, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations are a core part of our culture and mindset. Sustainability guides and informs every decision we make and all the actions we take. We also know that fulfilling our Purpose of Empowering Communities to Progress would not be possible without the highest ESG standards across our bank, driving a sustainable growth. That's why ESG principles are woven through UniCredit Unlocked, our new strategy, to help our clients in a just and sustainable transition towards a better society.




A father holding a toy airplane runs with his two daughters across a meadow

Sustainability Strategy


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Sustainability Reporting


Abstract red and orange beams of light flowing and criss-crossing against dark background with our Strategy UniCredit Unlocked written on it

Our Strategy


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Sustainability Governance


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Stakeholder Engagement


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Our Awards and Recognitions

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Our Value Creation Over Time

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ESG Policies and Ratings


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