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What set us apart

We are the sum of different cultures and experiences which come from the banks and the companies that have joined our Group, starting from 1473.


From this diversity came numerous innovative ideas and programs, which have created and sustain a corporate culture like no other.


Commonly shared set of values - Integrity Charter, UniCredit competency model, are  the basis of our identity and starting point for all our initiatives and programs, focusing on learning, leadership development and employee engagement.




UniCredit is a leading Pan European banking group operating in 14 European countries, with an international network that reaches another 18 countries worldwide.

Our Group's extensive international presence and broad customer base enable us to offer job opportunities around the globe. The international culture of UniCredit is deeply rooted in our diverse history.


As we expanded internationally, we placed a high value on the different ideas and practices among the companies that came together to form our Group. We still do now.


That is why, throughout our operations, we have implemented a number of programs to foster cross-border and cross-cultural cooperation.



Our people, the men and women who comprise our human capital, are our greatest asset.



Business people discussing over plan

The diversity of UniCredit's workforce contributes to innovation by bringing together different talents, skills, experience and perspectives in our Group.

Each of us has an active role to play in fostering a culture of inclusion, and we must be aware that encouraging and considering different perspectives in the workplace is the key to achieving sustainable results.

Among the people of UniCredit, diversity and inclusion are part of our daily business.


Smart & Flexible Environment

Successful team of new business people in creative office

We continue to invest in ways to help our colleagues manage their personal and family needs in balance with their careers.

We believe that the overall well-being of our people has a positive impact on employee engagement, performance and retention.

Among these efforts, we are implementing flexible work strategies, including options for part-time, telework and smart-work arrangements.

Such working arrangements are part of UniCredit's digital evolution.

These tools make our daily work more integrated, innovative and fluid and make our workplace more adaptable, streamlined and collaborative.



Learning and Development

Young man carrying stack of books in university library


We are strongly focused on employee training, learning and development, and we continue to invest in these activities. In this way we seek to build the technical and leadership skills that meet functional requirements, local demands and management needs.

We designed a Global Learning Framework that:
- provides key cross-function knowledge to enhance performance, and training relevant for local needs
- develops leadership competencies

- shares knowledge and insights on business functions, activities and academies exist for all colleagues, from entry-level to senior management


This framework mixes traditional teaching methods with internal and external networking, exposure to different stakeholders and online learning modules.




All UniCredit employees receive performance appraisals.

The process evaluates and develops our people in a consistent manner. Its goal is to promote a common performance culture based on fairness and transparency.

Our Group is dedicated to identifying and developing career paths for talented employees and executives.

To foster our international culture, the Global Mobility Program provides support to employees who have been temporarily seconded abroad.

UniCredit values colleagues with a global outlook who have a strong desire to experience different cultures and immerse themselves in them.

Colleagues who view change as a personal and professional opportunity are a great asset to our Group.


Graphic designers brainstorming on floor

UniCredit is investing heavily in innovation in order to offer new products and transform banking for the digital era.

We are working to introduce services, solutions and products that bring genuine benefits to our customers and employees to enhance their daily lives.

With these goals in mind, we look for a creative mindset when we are recruiting new colleagues.




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Updated on January 20, 2016.