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UniManagement Palace

a future framed by history



Located in the center of Turin, the UniManagement Learning Center is a historic building redesigned for the future. Originally built in the 19th century, it served as the seat of the French delegation to the royal court. In 1883 it was acquired by the Cassa di Risparmio di Torino.


Today, the structure provides the setting for an architectural project that combines art and functionality. The building features a variety of spaces designed to facilitate creativity, learning and cooperation.


The armature is made up of three integrated yet distinct structural elements:

  •  A simple truss
  •  Arches of a dome
  •  Suspension system

These three elements combine into a mutually supporting composite structure.



"All serious works of architecture are spiritual in their intent and consequnce. They become - if properly used - an instrument of transformation"

Matt Taylor, Architect and Designer of UniManagement



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A bit of History


The painter Nicola De Maria, by the art movement known as the Transavantgarde, transforms a complex building into an absolute light source. In the archive picture, the artist on the scaffolding is painting the elements representatives the energy of the Universe.


In the archive picture, the central hall in flux. This large hall of the Palace feature Perrone of San Martino will be transformed from the ancient Esattoria in a unique wooden structure of its kind, the Agora.


The balcony feature of the Agora under construction in the image archive. Taking advantage of the height of the central hall ceiling, it is offered a new Learning Center perspective .


The rooms are completed by a professional technical equipment, able to deliver excellence in the audio-visual field.  In the image archive the control room under construction.

After two years of uninterrupted work in the Learning Center takes shape. In archive video RAI, the regional television news talks about the inauguration of 18th January 2007 in front of UniCredit's top management and the local authorities.

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