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Joining UniCredit means embarking on a journey that transcends borders. With our widespread presence in 13 countries across Europe, you can gain exposure to a multitude of business landscapes and be part of a team that puts the client at the center while embracing a global perspective.


Whether you are taking your first steps into the professional world or looking to take your career to new heights, we provide a range of opportunities to grow and fulfill your ambitions.

Just starting out? At UniCredit we will give you the opportunity to build a career with real impact. From day one, you'll be entrusted with real responsibilities and projects, empowering you to make a difference in the life of our clients and colleagues.


We'll provide the right tools and resources, trainings, and mentorship opportunities to nurture your talent and help you shape the career you are looking for.

If you are an experienced professional seeking a challenging and rewarding career, we offer a host of opportunities across various departments and disciplines.


We value expertise, knowledge, and diverse backgrounds, be it in engineering, marketing, finance, tech, or any other field. We will leverage your skills and encourage continuous growth and career advancement.

Our hiring areas

In this area, we cater to the diverse financial needs of individual and corporate clients.


Our Retail services offer a range of banking products and solutions, loans and mortgages tailored to each stage of our clients' lives. For high-net-worth clients, our Private Banking & Wealth Management teams provide personalized financial planning and investment advisory, ensuring the best possible client experience .Our Corporate Banking division provides services to companies ranging from start-ups to large multinationals, supporting their long-term value creation, helping them grow and expand internationally and leveraging on Group product factories to deliver best-in-class solutions.


Why you should join


You will have the chance to make a direct impact on the financial health of individuals and businesses.


As part of the Network team, you'll collaborate with a diverse clientele, assisting them with their everyday banking requirements and financial planning. In Private Banking & Wealth Management, you'll have the opportunity to serve high-net-worth clients, providing customized investment guidance and strategies for wealth preservation. If you choose to be a Corporate banker, your role will involve leveraging on our global outlook, sector-specific knowledge, and local expertise to offer tailored solutions to our corporate clients.

Client Solutions is UniCredit's advisory, structuring and innovation hub for the Group.

It provides the full product offer to 1 million SME, Corporate, Multinational Corporate, Financial Institution and Public Sector clients as well as to 14 million Retail, Private Banking, Wealth Management and Family Office clients across the Group.


Client Solutions strives to deliver excellence to all Group clients in a "matrix" with the Group's client networks by leveraging on our best-in-class product and services platform to benefit all four of our regions: Italy, Germany, Central Europe and Eastern Europe.


By combining the strength of two outstanding global product factories - Corporate Solutions and Individual Solutions - and in close collaboration with the regional coverage, the Client Solutions business model provides customization to local needs while reaching economies of scale, delivering competitive value-added services to our clients across the Group.


Why you should join


Clients Solutions is one of the growth engines of the Group, delivering advice, innovation and solutions of excellence. At home throughout Europe, we are the partner of choice for our clients' increasingly sophisticated demands, also thanks to our leading role in the digital transformation of financial services.


With its extensive network of professionals, Client Solutions offers the best environment for you to develop your career and further your ambitions.

In addition to best fulfilling our day-to-day IT needs, for us digitalisation is a vision, a mission, and an ambition to be just that little bit different and disruptive, creating a new UniCredit fit for a 21st century world.


We work in true partnership across regions and business segments with each technology area to deliver best practices, capitalise on synergies and bring out greater business proximity. From enhancing customer experiences through user-friendly interfaces to streamlining internal processes with automation, we harness technology to drive efficiency and excellence.


Why you should join


The Digital & Information team is at the forefront of technological advancement, driving innovation across the organization.


By joining this area, you'll work on developing and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions that enhance customer experiences, streamline processes, and increase efficiency.


If you are passionate about technology, software development, cybersecurity and data and want to be part of shaping the future of finance through digital transformation, this area will offer you exciting challenges and opportunities for growth.

As strategic partner to all Group's business functions, our Finance department is committed to ensuring growth, a solid equity position and a long-term financial stability.


In this area we are responsible not only for steering planning and control processes, but also for optimizing our capital allocation, so to maximize the return for our shareholders. We take care of liquidity, ​​​​​steer the execution of transactions and ensure a coordinated and sound approach to the management of shareholdings, accounting processes, regulatory reporting and fiscal matters.


Why you should join


As part of the Finance department, you will play a crucial role in the organization's financial health. You'll have the chance to analyze financial data, forecast future trends, and contribute to strategic decision-making.


Moreover, we believe it's crucial for our colleagues to be informed, aligned, feel valued and engaged. Therefore, we concentrate our efforts in placing our people at the centre of our progress, working on the development of competences, as this is the key to achieve excellence.

At the core of our operations, the Risk Management team assesses and manages various risks that the organization may encounter.


We conduct thorough risk assessments, develop risk management strategies, and implement measures to mitigate potential credit, financial and operational risks. Our focus is on safeguarding the organization's assets, reputation, and interests.


Why you should join


Joining the Risk Management team will put you at the forefront of protecting the organization from potential threats. You'll be involved in identifying, assessing, and mitigating various risks that could impact the business.


This role requires critical thinking, problem-solving, and a proactive approach to anticipate and manage potential challenges. If you enjoy working with data, conducting risk assessments, and ensuring the organization's stability and resilience, this area will offer you a dynamic and influential position.


In this critical function, the Audit, Legal & Compliance teams ensure that all operations adhere to legal and regulatory standards.


Our periodic internal audit assessment includes risk identification, assessment, management and control; as well as adequate operating effectiveness of the internal governance structures and processes. Our legal experts provide guidance on legal matters, while the compliance team ensures that the Group fully complies with rules and regulations, making us a trusted partner for all our stakeholders.


Why you should join


In this area, you will play a vital role in upholding the organization's integrity and adherence to laws and regulations.


As an auditor, you'll assess internal processes, identify areas for improvement, and contribute to operational efficiency. Legal professionals will provide expert guidance on legal matters, contracts, and compliance issues.


Joining this area will allow you to make a significant impact by ensuring the long-term sustainability of our business as well as to leverage and grow our clients' and other stakeholders' trust.

The mission of the People & Culture function is to create a positive working environment based on respect, where employees are fully engaged and actively contributing to our success.


We are committed to attracting top talent, fostering employee development, and cultivating a positive work culture. We provide training and growth opportunities, prioritize diversity and inclusion, and support our employees in unlocking their full potential.


Why you should join


As a part of the People & Culture department, you will be instrumental in shaping the organization's culture, create a positive, barrier free and inclusive work environment, implement talent acquisition strategies, and provide learning and growth opportunities for employees.


If you value interpersonal skills, building strong relationships, and contributing to a thriving work culture, this area will provide a fulfilling and impactful career journey.

In Marketing & Communication, we craft compelling strategies to connect with our target audience.


We build brand awareness, showcase our services, and communicate the value we bring to our customers. Through effective marketing campaigns and clear communication, both internal and external, we aim to build lasting relationships and earn the trust of our clients and colleagues.


Why you should join


Joining the Marketing & Communication team will allow you to showcase the organization's strengths and value proposition to the world.


You'll be responsible for crafting compelling marketing campaigns, developing communication strategies, and building brand awareness. If you have a creative flair, enjoy storytelling, and want to contribute to the organization's success through effective communication and branding, this area will offer you a dynamic and rewarding role.

Sustainability guides every decision we make and all the actions we take, because the results we achieve are as important as the way we achieve them.


We are focused on delivering a positive and sustainable transition to green energy which does as little harm to the planet and its people as possible. In order to make a just and fair transition for all, we work consistently towards having a positive social impact in line with our role and responsibilities as a social actor.


Why you should join


The Strategy & ESG team is at the heart of shaping the organization's long-term direction and sustainability efforts.


You'll work on developing strategic plans, analyzing market trends, and integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into the organization's operations. Joining this area will allow you to make a positive impact by guiding the organization towards responsible and sustainable practices that align with our values and positively affect our broader community.

The Operations Office contributes to the sustainable growth and transformation of UniCredit, overseeing its operating machine along different dimensions, to deliver synergies, savings and operational excellence.​​​​​​​


This area handles a myriad of functions which include Procurement, Cost and Third Parties Management, Real Estate Management, Health&Safety and Operations services. Everyone in UniCredit interacts with and benefits from Operations activities that keep the company running smoothly.


Why you should join


As a part of the Operations area, you'll be the backbone of the organization, ensuring smooth and efficient day-to-day operations.


From transaction processing and supply chain management to logistics and customer support, this area requires excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. If you thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment and enjoy managing diverse operational aspects, this area is for you.