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Supporting Communities in times of Covid-19 - UniCredit




During the Covid-19 pandemic, UniCredit has been close to the communities in which it operates, supporting them with structured  programmes, volunteering activities and donations.





UniCredit Group's donation


During the Covid-19 pandemic, UniCredit has been close to the communities in which it operates. In order to contain the virus, a deep social commitment was demonstrated to suppor those in need. UniCredit banks and employees in various markets have made important donations by supporting hospitals, charities, scientific research and governments, contributing to the fight against the pandemic and demonstrating the attachment to the regions where their employees live and work.


Help for Hospitals:

 €200.000 from UniCredit Foundation to Fondazione IRCCS Ca' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico in Milan.

• A total of €1.228.000 from Group-wide fundraising led by UniCredit Foundation to help finance three of the hospitals in Italy most involved in the coronavirus battle 

• UniCredit sponsored the first CURA (Connected Units for Respiratory Ailments) prototype currently being built in Milan

• €500.000 to the IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital in Milan for setting up two laboratories for the study of the Covid-19 virus


Help for Associations

€2 million to Civil Protection in Italy. €360.000 donation from Carta Etica funds to Italian Red Cross.

€500.000 from the CEO’s donation to “Sempre con voi” fund dedicated to healthcare workers who lost their lives while fighting on the front line against Covid-19.

€200.000 to Comunità di Sant’Egidio to support the launch of the “Covid 2.0 Emergency Project”


Help for Scientific Research

• €50.000 to Bologna University for laboratory research for testing masks.


Support for the Regions

• €500,000 to the Veneto region

• €500,000 to the Piemonte region



Help for Hospitals
• Over €80,000 has been collected to support the hospitals "Luigi Sacco" in Milan and "Lazzaro Spallanzani" in Rome in coping with the coronavirus crisis. The Bank has doubled the total amount of the donations received through the campaign of the Italian Chamber of Commerce Munich-Stuttgart e.V. and the Italian Consulate General in Munich
• Two ventilators for donation to hospitals in rural areas


Help to Associations

• €100,000 to support organisations such as Caritas, Diakonie and Evangelisches Hilfswerk for the purchase of respiratory masks, disinfectant and food for the Tafel für Bedürftige.

• €115,000 to the online tutoring platform “Easy tutor”. This will enable an additional 10,000 learning units and support a further 2,500 students who are dependent on e-learning at home during school closures and need tutoring in various subjects


Help for Hospitals
• 20,000 euro to three of the Italian hospitals at the centre of the fight against Covid-19


Help for Associations and Social Initiatives

• €50,000 was donated to SOS-Kinderdorf to ensure psychological counselling for children and young people via “Rat auf Draht” (telephone hotline).

• €50,000 euro was donated to two Caritas institutions in Vienna to support food supply for the homeless

• more than €200,000 to social projects.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Help for Hospitals

 €150,000 for the purchase of three respirators, coronavirus tests, as well as protective equipment for clinical centres in Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Mostar.


Help for Associations

• €16.361 through an internal fundraising initiative called "It matters to do well, let's give a hand of support to people in need”

• €18.000 with the aim of helping the most vulnerable categories of society

• €25.000 for the needs of the Solidarity Fund of Republika Srpska in order to support local communities and the economy in mitigating the negative consequences of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

• 78,245 protective masks to almost 16,000 pensioners across Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with their December retirement, thanks to a partnership between UniCredit Bank and the NGO



Help for Hospitals

• more than €50,000 (100,000 BGN) to the Pirogov Hospital to help cover extraordinary medical needs.


Aid to the Government

• €50,000 (100,000 BGN) to the Ministry of Health.


Help to Associations

• €25,000 was provided to the joint fund of donors in Bulgaria which was distributed after a dedicated call for proposal to hospitals, municipalities, NGOs to cover urgent medical and social needs.

 Together with UniCredit Foundation, UniCredit Bulbank organised an internal donation campaign among its more than 4000 employees in Bulgaria. The employees, together with the foundation, collected €46.813  (BGN 91,566.51). The amount has been used to support the community to solve social problems.

  €4.100 (BGN 8,000) in support of the children of doctors and teachers who lost the battle with Covid-19.

• €3.200 (BGN 6,300) to “Bulgarian Christmas”raised during a campaign in which the bank committed to donate 10 stotinki in support of children with chronic diseases for each payment made by a customer with a phone in the period 18-31 December 2020.


Help for Hospitals

• €172,100 (HRK 1.3 million) to hospitals to help them settlemedical expenses, support the purchase of medical equipment and repairs needed after earthquake damage. Zaba made two donations of €66,192 (HRK 500,000) each to the Merkur Clinical Hospital and the Dubrava Clinical Hospital, which is being converted into a primary respiratory centre for patients with more severe forms of Covid-19. The Bank further donated €39,712 (HRK 300,000) to the Children’s Clinic, also heavily damaged in the earthquake, for medical equipment and repairs.


Help for Associations

• €182,725 (HRK 1,380,000) to the Croatian Red Cross for the initiative called “Your Gift for the Right Thing". Thanks to the donation, the Croatian Red Cross was be able to prepare and distribute 5,000 food packages to needy people, the elderly, low-income single parents, low-income large families, soup kitchens and social markets beneficiaries across the country

Czech Republic

Help for Hospitals

Over €180,000 (CZK 4.9 million) will be distributed among five hospitals in urgent need of these funds mainly for the purchase of protective equipment for medical personnel and medical devices to combat Covid-19.

• €3,700 to the Hospitals in Klatovy and Rokycany to support them in the fight against Covid-19 and help with the growing number of patients in these regions.

• More than €180.000 to the Hospital in České Budějovice, St. Anne's University Hospital in Brno, University Hospital in Brno, University Hospital in Bratislava and University Hospital in Košice.


Help for Scientific Research

• €38,500 to the Institute of Microbiology to support the Laboratory of Immunotherapy led by a professor Dr. Luca Vannucci, MD., PhD


Help for Charity/Non Profit organizations

• €40.000 went to three charity organizations to support programs helping the children.

 Food support for two charitable organizations working with the most vulnerable families and homeless people.

With the cooperation of Volunteers Centre Foundation and their Friends of the Elderly program, UniCredit Bank Hungary distributed disinfection devices (germicidal lamps, ozone generators) and sanitizing stocks to 28 elderly homes countrywide.

• UniCredit Bank Hungary coached its clients to use mobile application. With the active mBanking usage our clients helped increase the donations provided by our bank to UNICEF Hungary’s Look Out Experience program to support the children living in state care and increase their positive experience during the pandemic.

• 32 iPhone devices were distributed to a disadvantaged school network working in the north-east region of Hungary.



Help for Associations

• €120,000 to the Zi de Bine Association to support the acquisition of two high-performance mechanical ventilation devices and provide other needed medical support in response to the coronavirus health emergency.

• UniCredit Bank contributed to the implementation of an essential project – People Wearing White #HeroesNow (Oameni în Alb #AcumEroi), an initiative of Roddia. Developed with the Romanian Association of Analytical Psychology (ARPA), this program aims to support the emotional wellbeing of doctors in their daily struggle to save lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021 People in White continues to offer free therapeutic support for first-line medical staff.


Help for Hospitals

€70,000 in order to support hospitals needing to buy medical equipment.

€40,000 for the construction of a modular emergency hospital in Piatra Neamț – UPU SMURD and the Infectious Diseases Department of Neamț County Hospital.



Help for Charity Foundations

• €7,700 was donated to support the Charity Foundation "Vo Imya Zhizni", wards of which suffer from cystic fibrosis, placing them at high risk during the and Covid-19 pandemic. 

• €12,800 donated for the programs of four charity foundations to ensure psychological counselling and art-therapy for children in hospitals. 


Help for Health

€50,000 to the National Health Insurance Fund to support the fight against Covid-19. 

€30,000 to the National Health Insurance Fund on behalf of the Bank and its’ clients and employees.


Helps for Charity Associations

• €15,000 to support the purchase of 933 food packages for families affected by the coronavirus crisis

• €35,000 to support the activities of the Friends of Youth Association Ljubljana Moste - Polje which created an empowerment program for all family members according to their needs



€500.000 for the Red Cross


During the Covid-19 pandemic, UniCredit made donations to the Red Cross in Italy, Bosia & Herzegovina, ad Croatia.


"Your generous contribution wil help, through our work,

the entire Italian population forced to face this moment 

of emregency linked to the sperad of the  new Coronavirus.

Thanks to your donation, the Italian Red Cross

continues to expand, investing in services, resources

and training for volunteers and operators  to be alongside

those who need it most"


Francesco Rocca 

President of the Italian Red Cross



UniCredit together with the Community of Sant'Egidio for the Covid 2.0 Emergency Project


UniCredit supports the Community of Sant'Egidio in the launch of the Covid 2.0 Emergency Project, which provides for interventions to combat the sliding into absolute poverty of the population most affected by the economic and social effects of the health emergency.


"In these months of health and social emergency, we have been close to many fragile people in the streets and in the outskirts of numerous Italian cities. Thanks to UniCredit's contribution, we will be able to broaden our range of action to reach those who suffer most from the economic consequences of the pandemic. Covid-19 revealed how proximity networks are even more necessary,to respond quickly and effectively to increased needs and intercept new questions "Covid-19 revealed how proximity networks are even more necessary, to respond quickly and effectively to                                                                                                         increased needs and intercept new questions "


                                                                                                        Stefano Carmenati

                                                                                                        Amministratore della Comunità di Sant'Egidio

Our constant generation of Social Impact


Despite the pandemic, the UniCredit Social Impact Banking (SIB) programme continued strengthening its international presence in 11 Group countries and activating new solutions for its customers, confirming constant business growth.



UniCredit has reformulated its subsidised offer for customers in the context of the Covid-19 crisis.


In particular, SIB has added more additional benefits to reward social innovation, particularly in the health and welfare sectors.


Moreover, a free on-line platform was made available to schools, allowing teaching activities to continue and all training and accompaniment activities to be carried out remotely.


In Italy, SIB is also committed to supporting an emerging social problem: the burden, especially on women, of caring for families, thus increasing gender inequality.

Through a campaign launched at the end of the year, a wide range of products has benefitted micro-entrepreneurs, organisations engaged in providing welfare services for families and companies that have welfare plans and family services dedicated to their employees.  


Financial Education


In 2020 we continued to engage in a range of financial education programmes in our countries, targeting several demographics. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our offer was designed to be fully delivered in digital form.


In the last year, financial education programmes run by SIB included 112 educational initiatives, involving 82,000 young people and disadvantaged individuals


Discover more about StartUp Your Life project


In Italy our Banking Academy continued to offer free financial education and training programs to individuals and businesses.


In 2020 the new Save4Young format was developed to raise awareness in university students on savings, finance and digital banking.

All activities were delivered online in partnership with the student portal


Regarding SMEs, our offer was redesigned to provide concrete support in this critical moment for Made in Italy entrepreneurship.

The Digital & Export BusinessSchool was carried out by our experts over a period of six months in partnership with SACE Simest and Microsoft, together with journalists, sociologists and researchers.


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