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Corporate Treasury Sales (CTS) is a sales group within Markets, with regional teams located in Italy, Germany and Austria, as well as international units based in the USA, UK, France, Spain and Hong Kong.


CTS helps UniCredit's corporate clients to optimise their financial management by delivering the full range of Markets products and services - helping to fulfil their treasuries' risk management, financing and investment needs. Besides standardised products, CTS also provides tailored solutions. 


The product suite includes interest rate derivatives, FX spot and derivatives, commodity hedging, short- and long-term tailored investment solutions and markets-based customised financing solutions.


The services we offer encompass, but are not limited to:

  • Discussing financial risk management and investment solutions with corporate clients,
  • Delivering a full set of Markets services to UniCredit's corporate clients, from standardised flow products on digital platforms to customised solutions,
  • Competitive pricing and execution of products in all G10 and EMEA (including CEE) currencies,
  • Acting as a sparring partner to help clients deal with complex financial needs.


UniCredit is a leader in offering customised interest-rate risk management solutions for corporates in all G10, EMEA and CEE markets

We offer a vast array of tools to manage interest rate risk, from plain vanilla products to highly tailored strategies used to hedge interest rate risks associated with the financing of M&A transactions. 


We have an efficient workflow in interest rate derivatives – enabling us to service clients' hedging needs from notional amounts of less than EUR 1 m, as well as the market capacity to risk-manage transactions with notional amount of more than EUR 1 bn.


In addition, our product suite has recently been expanded with ESG-linked interest rate hedging solutions to support our clients’ sustainable development goals. For more details, please approach your sales specialist.


Our Commodities Team provides a wide range of solutions to its corporate clients

UniCredit is active in the oil, gas and power, CO2, base and precious metals flow business, and is a member of all major Commodities Exchanges, including the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), European Energy Exchange (EEX) and the London Metal Exchange (LME).


Over the years, UniCredit has developed a very strong structured solution franchise on to support its clients' evolving needs. For example, the team has provided innovative solutions on gas storage monetisation, liquidity solutions and LME and CO2 working capital optimisation.


We offer strategic advice and tailor-made solutions to help corporates to effectively manage the currency risk stemming from their international operations

The team’s service includes the customised analysis of our clients’ underlying positions and risk profiles. We also support our clients with the identification of suitable risk management solutions through the study of their overall FX risks – employing state-of-the-art simulations and digital presentations.


We provide our clients with the possibility to transact through a variety of channels: either traditionally via phone, digitally through UniCredit’s own FX trading platform UC Trader, or via a number of multi-dealer platforms, such as Bloomberg, 360T, FXAll, etc.


We are also proud to be one of the first banks in Europe to offer ESG-linked FX Solutions to our corporate client base.


We offer a broad range of products suitable to mid-size and large multinational companies, with a dedicated advice service helping clients to make optimal investment decisions

Our teams provide products and service ranging from dedicated liquidity solutions for corporate clients, suitable to their investment policy, to  large investments into flexible and short-term products; from credit risk management through product and issuer diversification to dedicated support from a professional asset manager for investment decisions.


Thanks to our experience, we are a long term strategic partner for all financial market needs and with our strong knowledge of corporate treasury needs, we are able to offer holistic, tailored and integrated solutions.


We are market makers on a wide variety of investment products and eventually we monitor the client’s investment position and follow up with an excellent post sales service.


Some examples of CIB solutions are: short-term funds and short-term deposits in a variety of different currencies; access to secondary market securities and public offers on the primary market; private placements and tailor-made solutions; portfolios of securities, commercial paper via the Arabella asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP) issuer and a vast selection of top performing mutual funds; bancassurance policies and tailor-made structured fund offerings from our Luxembourg-based asset manager.