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Global Financing & Advisory


Leading European debt finance house


Through Global Financing & Advisory, we provide simple access to market leading capital raising, financing and advisory services. In Debt Capital Markets, we are the most active player across Europe, supporting corporate issuers, financial, and public sector institutions since 2012.

Our offer earns widespread external recognition with regular, international awards.
Ranked in the top-3 bookrunners for Combined EMEA EUR Bonds and Loans for the past 6 years
Top-3 in EMEA and beyond1

Top-5 positions*:


#3 All Bonds in EMEA EUR, #1 by no. of deals 

#1 Covered Bonds in EMEA 

#3 Corporate Hybrid Bonds 

#2 SSA Bonds in EMEA EUR 

#4 Corporate Bonds in EMEA EUR 

#1 All Bonds Italy EUR, #1 Germany EUR

#1 All Municipal, City, State, Province Issues EUR

#1 EUR Third Party EMTN



#2 All Syndicated Loans in EMEA EUR 

#1 All Syndicated Loans Italy, #1 Germany , #1 CEE, #1 Austria

#2 All Corporate Syndicated Loans in EMEA EUR

#3 Leveraged Loans in EMEA EUR, #1 Italy EUR, #1 Germany EUR, #1 CEE, #1 Austria EUR 

#1 Facility Agent in EMEA by no. of deals


* Source Dealogic (1 Jan - 31 Dec 2018), all positions by volume, if not otherwise stated

Updated on 03 July 2019.