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Environmental management system

At UniCredit, our environmental management systems (EMSs) provide a framework for all of our environmental programs, as well as a full set of procedures and rules that apply to all related undertakings.


The actions we take to protect the planet's natural resources and to manage waste properly are effective only in proportion to the number of people participating in them.

The use and proper certification of environmental management systems promote the broad dissemination of the principles they represent, both by requiring people to follow the approved procedures and by including training for relevant staff members.

Local management Systems

Our Group, through our different legal entities and territories, operates several different environmental management systems according to ISO 14001 and the European EMAS Regulation.


Three of UniCredit's legal entities—UniCredit S.p.A., UniCredit Bank Austria AG and UniCredit Bank Slovakia AS—now operate with certified environmental management systems that cover each entity's entire scope (eg. DNV in Italy).


UniCredit S.p.A. observes the standards of the EMAS system, which was implemented with the aim of taking an increasingly standardized approach to evaluating and reporting on our Group's environmental performance.


As a result, our EMAS registration was renewed and adjusted in 2012 to encompass its new scope, spanning some 2,940 sites and 35,000 employees in Italy.

While UniCredit S.p.A. also operates certain branches outside of Italy, these facilities are managed independently on a day-to-day basis.

We have therefore chosen to limit the scope of the EMS at UniCredit S.p.A. to the entity's operations in Italy.


Bank Austria and UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia have obtained ISO14001 certifications for sites countrywide.


Environmental Statements


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Updated on 07 October 2019.