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Environmental initiatives

UniCredit is committed to financing promising renewable energy projects.

It is a leading financial institution in this field and provides prospective clients with access to its substantial expertise.

As regards direct financial aid for renewable energy sources, the Group's portfolio between 2013 and 2014 increased by 5 percent, with credit exposure exceeding €9.2 billion.

UniCredit has worked with multilateral banks and government-subsidized lenders in the field of facilitating credit for SMEs engaged in renewable energy and energy efficiency. At the end of 2014, the total volume of these types of loans came to roughly €1.9 billion.

In Europe, UniCredit has participated in the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG) since 2013. The EEFIG is a permanent working group founded by the European Commission's Directorate General for Energy and the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI).

The group brings together experts to work on issues related to expanding the scale of investments in energy efficiency across the European Union.

Offcinae Verdi


Officinae Verdi S.p.A. is an energy services company that combines the environmental sustainability expertise of the world's largest independent nature conservation organization with the technical and financial support of a major bank.

The first of its kind in Europe, this company is the product of a joint venture between UniCredit and the WWF Italy Foundation. It provides services, advanced technological solutions and access to financing for renewable energy generation to households, private businesses and public agencies.


Officinae Verdi's mission is to develop and promote a sustainable model for the distributed generation of electricity. In this model, consumers have the capacity to produce their own energy, thereby reducing network inefficiencies and greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this, it provides customers with support in installing photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, heat pumps and other technologies, and it offers extensive advisory services on energy efficiency, carbon management, building renovations and environmental certifications.


Officinae Verdi provides access to third-party financing and dedicated loan products developed by the UniCredit project finance team. Expertise on sustainable practices is made possible through the WWF.


For further information on the services and products offered by UniCredit in collaboration with Officinae Verdi, please visit the UniCredit Italy website.



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Wealth Management Capital Holding GmbH (WealthCap), a wholly owned subsidiary of UniCredit Bank AG, is one of Germany's leading closed-end fund providers.

It was formed in early 2007 to combine the activities of the Group's three previous companies issuing closed-end funds.


WealthCap combines longstanding experience in creating innovative, yield-oriented equity products with extensive expertise in managing existing fund companies in different asset classes.


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Updated on July 25, 2014.