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Natural capital


UniCredit acknowledges that preserving ecosystems is the only way to sustainably maintain economic development. Climate change, loss of biodiversity, soil degradation and water scarcity are undermining human activities. This is why, in recent years, we have engaged in a series of initiatives aimed at reducing the direct and indirect impacts of our operations. Through our greenhouse gas abatement targets, our supplier selection criteria and our lending practices, we are engaged in demonstrating that businesses can play an active role in addressing the challenges of the 21st century. We engage with our customers and suppliers and in private-public partnerships, so that businesses, together with policymakers, can contribute to preserving nature and eradicating poverty and hunger.

Data as at December 31,2015

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Data as at December 31,2015

Community Impact

  • Renewables and energy efficiency promotion
  • Environmental business culture development
  • Air quality conservation
  • Community well-being

Our environmental governance

At UniCredit, we believe that strong environmental governance is key to the implementation, monitoring and constant improvement of our strategies and policies pertaining to environmental issues.

This is why we recently bolstered our internal governance by consolidating our commitments and by establishing the Group Environmental and Social Council (GESC).


The GESC oversees the implementation of UniCredit's environment related initiatives and commitments. This council is in charge of proposing the Group's environmental strategy, annual objectives and targets as well as related activities for approval by the EMC. The activities of the GESC are consistent with our Environmental Commitment and the UniCredit Environmental Policy and encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technology.

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Environmental management system

At UniCredit, our environmental management systems (EMSs) provide a framework for all of our environmental programs, as well as a full set of procedures and rules that apply to all related undertakings.




Climate change

Our commitment to fighting climate change follows a three-tiered approach:



Natural Capital Finance Alliance

The Natural Capital Finance Alliance takes the form of a Commitment made by Chief Executive Officers from the financial sector.




Environmental projects

UniCredit is committed to financing promising renewable energy projects.




Our suppliers are both business partners and stakeholders in UniCredit.



Updated on July 13, 2016.