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Intellectual capital



Intellectual capital consists of innovation-related capabilities from which future economic benefits are expected.

In UniCredit's case, it includes information and communications technology systems, our organizational framework and innovation processes.


Data as at December 31,2015


Data as at December 31,2015


Data as at December 31,2015

Community Impact

  • Business continuity and security
  • Friendly and simple relationship
  • Customized products and service



Our Group's digitization

The digital transformation of UniCredit is a strategic commitment for us. We maintain a consistent capital allocation strategy for our ICT investments, balancing the need to accelerate the Group's digital transformation with the need to fulfil an increasing number of legal and regulatory requirements.


To meet Multi Year Plan targets, ICT investments will be focused on further developing multichannel common platforms in mature markets, while modernizing core banking legacies to reduce IT costs and enable new business opportunities. Corporate and institutional clients market growth will be supported by developing global platforms (for payments and e-banking). Digitization and multichannel solutions to support business growth will be crucial priorities also for Central Eastern Europe (CEE) and Poland. Besides, the development of common assets for Finance and Risk functions will continue in the next three years.


Given the strategic importance of digitization, we are strengthening our ICT Security capabilities to contrast cybercrime and ensure top level protection to our customers. For this reason, our ICT and Security departments merged in 2015 to create the Group ICT & Security Office in order to guarantee our presidium on IGAP, CEE countries and Foreign Branches and whose responsibility  concentrates under the Deputy General Manager - "Chief Operating Officer".


The 4 pillars of ICT Security


Updated on April 18, 2016.