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Human capital


We support our colleagues throughout their professional lives by listening to their needs, valuing their skills, implementing training programmes and development plans and promoting diversity, inclusion and welfare policies.


Foster engagement

We believe in creating an engaging and positive working environment where everyone can actively contribute to our success.


We have issued global policies against harassment, sexual misconduct, bullying and acts of retaliation.


These policies lead to a greater awareness of unacceptable behaviours and promote a 'speak up' culture where all employees feel listened to and protected when reporting any suspected misconduct.

Company Welfare

We strive to provide our employees with an extensive welfare offer to meet their health and family needs, as well as an increasing focus on personal needs which may change during the life cycle.



Enhance skills

We strive to be an employer of choice, investing in attracting, managing and developing talent. We want to be a company where people can fully deploy their skills, abilities and qualities.

To guarantee sustainable support for the transformation of the Group, we continue to invest in the best available talent on our markets.

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Learning & Development

We invest in initiatives to foster the professional development of colleagues and to ensure that they can support UniCredit's objectives.
Thanks to our investments in professional skills development, we achieved a total of more than 27 hours training per capita in 2020.

Value diversity and inclusion

UniCredit remains committed to ensuring an equal opportunity workplace where people of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds can contribute to our success. In line with our Group values, we listen to the needs of our diverse workforce to create a better and more accessible working environment, based on inclusion.
We build awareness to foster an inclusive culture, through learning modules to support our executives in developing an inclusive leadership style and online training on how to recognise and tackle our unconscious biases.

UniCredit has consistently invested in supporting the growth and development of female colleagues in the organisation.

We have a Global Policy on Gender Equality in place, which sets out principles and guidelines to ensure a level playing field throughout the organisation.

The 2020 edition of UniCredit Diversity and Inclusion Week focused on encouraging individuals to embrace and celebrate diversity. Around 100 initiatives in 15 markets took place on line.




Diversity & Inclusion

ESG Targets

Updated on 02 April 2021.