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Policies and ESG ratings for Sustainable Development


We value the market's appraisal of UniCredit's progress towards generating long-term value for all of our stakeholders, and we are proud when the financial markets trust us.


We strive to conduct our financial transactions, project finance, supply chains and other business activities in such a way as to minimize our environmental and social risks. To this end, we have developed special policies addressing our involvement in sensitive industries such as defense, nuclear power, mining and water infrastructure.


The procedures have been based on major international agreements such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Global Compact, the standards of the World Bank, the International Labor Organisation's (ILO) fundamental human rights conventions, and the Equator Principles.


For further details on the implementation of our ESG policies and related case studies, please refer to the UniCredit Integrated Report - Supplement.


Human Rights Commitment: visual representation

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We are included in major environmental, social and governance performance indices and benchmarks.


Inclusion in these indices is critical for companies seeking to strengthen their reputation. Moreover, investors are increasingly attracted to sustainable businesses and companies with lower risk profiles and strong prospects for long-term growth.

At UniCredit, we consider the rating agencies' assessment to be a productive time for reflection on our results and external perceptions. We look forward to their viewpoints and account for them in the development of our future sustainability practices

Updated on 10 June 2020.